Innovative Ideas: Zip-It and Pajama Warmer

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The Zip-It has become somewhat of a YouTube phenomenon.

Customers post videos, not for the squeamish, of them pulling out hair, soap and scum that’s clogged up their drains.

“People are competing to see who can come up with the ugliest and largest clog,” said Zip-It creator, Eugene Luoma who is a Floodwood native.

“When my daughter was going to school living at home she had long hair she never cut,” said Luoma. “Her hair was always plugging up the bathroom sink or the shower drains.”

After one of those clogging events, he went to his garage.

“I found this plastic sled that was worn out so I took and cut a thin sliver of plastic and made some barbs on the plastic,” said Luoma.

He took it into the house and stuffed it down the drain filled with his daughter’s hair.

“Pulled it back out and it looked like I pulled out a dead rat,” said Luoma.

A few prototypes and pitches later and the Zip-It was created.

So far, 26 million have been sold.

“When you go to the store and see it hanging on the shelf it’s a good feeling,” said Luoma.

Luoma says creating products has always been in his blood.

“I spend a lot of time waking up at night and just thinking,” said Luoma.

So far, he has more than 15 inventions under his belt including the Slip-N-Seal, a floating gazebo, Shim Cutter and even a device that makes uniform pasties.

“My wife said it’s a God given talent,” said Luoma.

“We call it going from chill to thrill,” Pajama Warmer creator Lance Reasor said.

After seeing his girlfriend warm up her pajamas on the wood burner, Reasor had an idea.

“So I thought, well, maybe there’s a real demand for this,” said Reasor. “I thought we could do something a lot easier than this.”

So he got some material, created a bag and came up with the Pajama Warmer.

“We developed a patented technology which reflects and retains most of the heat back into the bag,” said Reasor. “So it stays in the pajamas or any item that you would put in the bag to warm.”

No more frigid nighties or any other piece of clothing.

“On a cold winter night when you put on warm pajamas it feels pretty nice,” said Reasor.

His invention is being sold all over the world.

“It’s a great gift item, there’s no competition for it in the marketplace,” said Reasor.

The Pajama Warmer has even received national exposure from programs like the Today Show.

“Every now and then you get lucky and a product that you pull together can be successful,” said Reasor. “When you see its acceptance and growing all the time, that’s what’s the most flattering.”

The Pajama Warmer spun off an industrial line with 13 different products including the Caulk Warmer.

“Actually the industrial field has become a bigger part of our business than the Pajama Warmers themselves,” said Reasor.


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