Runs for Change

Multiple Walks & Runs Held to Foster Change

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“I hope that people start realizing the importance of treating everyone equally,” said Adrea Grocke, Co-Chair on the Commission of Disabilities.

It was a weekend of change in Duluth where a pair of first annual runs and walks took place.

“Spread the word to end the word is a campaign to end the r-word. The r-word being retarded,” said Grocke. “It’s just a phrase that people use a lot and it was meant to be a diagnosis and now it’s being utilized in a negative way.”

The Spread the Word to End the R–word run included a 1K and a 5K in hopes of making a major difference.

“We are trying to take that back and eliminate that and just the casual use of that word and at the same time raise awareness about equality for individuals with disabilities,” said Grocke.

For there to be change it will come down to the people to take a stand.

“I hope that people start saying hey to other people, maybe choose a different word or hey that’s discrimination, that’s not fair, equal treatment,” Grocke said.

The weekend of change didn’t just touch on discrimination, but also the problem of bullying.

“It’s an issue the affects everybody, everywhere. It’s a community problem and not just our community but every community. As a community we need to work together to stop it,” said Salina Seehus.

The first annual Buddies Not Bullies 5K has a mission to stop bullying through educational awareness and resources for individuals, schools and business.

“This is a great way to bring awareness and to show everybody that we do know it’s a problem,” said Seehus. “We’re here to squash the issue and let people know that we’re not going to stand for it.”

People of Duluth standing up for what’s right to make a positive difference for the future.

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