Lacrosse, New Stadium Coming to Northland College

Adding Men's & Women's Lacrosse, Multi-Million Dollar Stadium

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Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Matthew Hoszko has been playing lacrosse for as long as he can remember.

“It was always hockey in the winter, and lacrosse in the summer,” Hoszko explained.

He just got word that he will now be able to play his favorite sport at the collegiate level.

“My immediate reaction was like, ‘Oh my God, we’re getting a brand new field’ and, ‘Oh my God, there’s going to be lacrosse here, too,” Hoszko exclaimed.

Announcing the addition of men’s and women’s lacrosse at Northland College in Ashland has more than just Matthew excited

“We had a lacrosse game on the quad, it was the most interesting thing, I hadn’t seen anybody with a stick out in 5 years,” explained Northland College President, Michael Miller.

President Miller says athletics, in general, fit well with the college’s mission.

“Healthful living, there’s a lot of leadership development, a lot of wellness learned through athletics, it’s part of a vibrant center for young people,” said Miller.

But lacrosse, specifically, has deep roots in the region.

“It’s got Native American roots, and we have very close connections, a historical mission, and connection with the tribes,” Miller explained.

A multi–million dollar donation is allowing the school to build a new, 1000–seat stadium, adorned with lights, a press box, and loaded with concessions.

Most importantly, the artificial turf will make the field a much safer environment for athletes.

But there’s more. President Miller has emphasized how important it is to hold on to that environmental feeling that the Northland College is all about, so all the wooded areas and trees surrounding the area the stadium will be built, will be kept.  

Plus, Northland College is trying to become the first college in the country with zero storm water discharge.

“The runoff from campus would be the same as it was back when it was just wilderness,” Miller said.

All this part of a plan to make Northland College athletically competitive.

“We get to add another sport, we get to be one of the first schools that are adding the sport in the UMAC, and that can really distinguish our school from all the others,” Hoszko said.

A plan that has students, like Matthew, excited to be a part of the sports’ inception in Ashland.

Groundbreaking on the new stadium will begin in early July, and construction will wrap up in mid-October.

The field will be good to go for Northland’s first lacrosse season in spring of 2016. 

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