Northlanders Prep for Saturday’s Fishing Opener

Anglers Gear Up for MN Fishing Opener

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The Minnesota fishing opener has not officially started but warmer temperatures have anglers getting their boats and gear ready a lot earlier than last year.

Some outdoor stores are seeing an average of $100 being spent per customer.

“This has been the busiest last half April, first part of May ever because the weathers been so nice,” Marine General Owner Russ Francisco said.

At Marine General in Duluth rods, reels, bait and lures are flying off the shelves.

Boat repair items and fishing permits are also hot buys.

“Go from place to place and fish,” said angler William Smith. “I’m going to be going back down to Kansas City and hit a bunch of spots on the way down there too. So buy fishing license in each state and hit them all back up again.”

Before you catch any walleye or northern pike it’s advised that anglers have life jackets on board and upgrade other safety equipment.

Also take a look at some of the new fishing regulations because rules for each lake will vary.

“Lakes are dangerous so you need to pay attention,” said Francisco. “One of the problems that we’re going to have is everybody has a nice map chip in their GPS that says your in 13 feet of water and you may only be in 12 or 11. So that means when you get in 6 feet of water you’re only in 4 or 3. So you need to pay attention to your depth sonar because the maps might lie to you this year.”

To cut down on invasive species fishing experts also want anglers to know that it is illegal to dispose bait including minnows into a waterbody or dump aquatic animals from one waterbody into another.

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