58th Annual Lions Club Pancake Day

Flapjacks Bring In Record-Breaking Numbers for Charity

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“You can smell the pancakes down the hallway,” said Bob Cedergren, Pancake Day Chairperson for the Duluth Lions Club.

It’s a Twin Ports tradition unlike any other.

“Well, after 22 years you want to kind of quit counting the years,” joked Don Mendoza, a returning Pancake Day volunteer.

Two-hundred fifty volunteers from local businesses and community groups gathered at the DECC Thursday for the 58th Annual Pancake Day.

“I think it’s really that the whole Duluth community rallies around it,” said Cedergren.

They flipped flap jacks and stacked them high all in the name of charity.

“Lions Clubs are focused on hearing, sight, and diabetes programs, as well as youth programs,” Cedergren explained.

The Duluth Lions Club has a rich history of philanthropy, serving the Northland since 1945.

“It’s going for a great cause, we don’t walk away with a nickel,” Mendoza said. “It all goes back into the charities.”

The club was fully prepared for the hungry crowds.

Two-thousand five-hundred pounds of batter, 3,000 pounds of toppings, and 50 cases of syrup, all combined to make about 45,000 pancakes Thursday, and a whole lot of happy customers.

After 20–plus years of practice, the pros have mastered the griddle.

“I’ve always said, I want them golden, just as you see them here,” explained Mendoza.

But it’s the community effort that keeps pancake lovers and volunteers coming back each year for a flipping good time.

“We couldn’t make it without the people coming to us, and we turn around and put it back into the community,” Mendoza said. “We’re only open one day a year, and I’m looking forward to next year already,” he added. 

9,762 people were served Thursday, that number is up 432 from last year. 

Money is still being counted, but event organizers say it will be upwards of $85,000 raised. 

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