Locals Spend the Day Honoring their Moms

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According to retail reports this year Mother’s Day spending is expected to reach $21.2 billion dollars which is the highest projection in more than a decade.

Brunch and dining are highly sought after Mother’s Day experiences.

“We didn’t want to cook,” said Mary Fruehauf.

Barker’s Island’s Mother’s Day Grand Buffet pulled out all the stops with fancy meats and all the fixings plus 32 feet of deserts.

For some of the families this feast is a Mother’s Day tradition.

“It’s great conversation, all my kids are here,” said Fruehauf. “It’s a time for everybody to be together.”

Sweeden Sweets on Tower Avenue also bustled with business on Sunday.

“Truffles are very popular,” Sweeden Sweets owner Dan Klarner said.

The shops nearly 20 different flavors of fudge also satisfied mom’s sweet tooth.

“I’d just like to thank all the mothers for all their hard effort, all their work for raising their kids,” said Klarner. “All have done their fair share of putting a burden on their mothers but I’m sure they love us.”

Electronics and services like a day at the spa were also hot buys this Mother’s Day.

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