Stricter Rules for Taxicab Drivers in Duluth

No Smoking, Post Fairs, Custom Design

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Sketchy cab rides will be no more.  

The Duluth City Council has voted to standardize and tighten regulations on every taxi company in the city. 

Councilors are tightening the seat belt on cab companies.

One change makes it illegal for drivers to smoke in their vehicles even when passengers aren’t present. 

When drivers do smoke they’ll now be required to stay 10 feet away from the cab. 

“I don’t do it with passengers and my cab smells fresh. No one would ever know I was a smoker in my cab,” said Custom Cab Driver, Pat Lewton. 

The ordinance also requires companies to paint their cabs using a consistent color design and logo so passengers are able to easily and safely pick out service providers. 

Custom Cab Drivers tell us they’re in favor of the new ordinance. 

“Custom cab for instance. We’re customized. That’s where the name comes from and being customized is kind of to have your own thing,” said Lewton. 

All taxi companies will also be expected to clearly post fares so people aren’t blindsided. 

“This ordinance makes the industry more reliable, accountable and gives it good standards. Long overdue,” said City Councilor, Linda Krug. 

Meanwhile, cab service is expanding in Canal Park with the first ever taxi cab stand which is a designated line-up spot to catch a cab. 

Two more stands will pop up this summer in downtown Duluth.

The ordinance, authored by Councilor Sharla Gardner, will go into effect in 30 days. 

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