Unique Families: The Bergquist Quads

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Most of us have a sister a brother or both, but few can say they were born a quadruplet.

In part two of our special series on unique families, you’ll meet four sisters who say they wouldn’t change a thing about the way they grew up.


They’re bubbly, blonde and beautiful. They are the Bergquist quads.

“They see four blondes that look alike, they want to know our story,” said Lizzy, one of the Bergquist quads.

It started when the girls were babies and named the heaviest quadruplets in the Guinness Book of World Records weighing in at 25 pounds all together.

From there, the attention spread like wildfire.

“When we were just two years old, my mom would take us everywhere and people would be like pointing and staring, and its now, today too,” said Becka Bergquist.

Mary, Lizzy and Anna are identical and Becka is fraternal.

Mary is known for her humor, Lizzy loves to shop, Becka is laid back, and Anna speaks her mind.

But that’s not everyone. They have an older sister, Jennifer.

“She’s always trying to be a mom to us,” said Becka.

“I feel like it was a little hard for her to adjust, she was by herself, and then the four of us, and the attention and all the media that came with us throughout the years,” said Lizzy.

From appearing on Good Morning America, Ricki Lake, the London Lottery and playing extras in movies like The Mighty Ducks, it’s never been a dull moment for this group.

“Crazy, fabulous, fun, adventurous. It never ends,” smiled Lizzy.

Today, they’re wives, mothers, career women and just one of about 3,500 sets of quadruplets worldwide.

“They’re going to be here for the rest of our lives. They’re not going anywhere. Whether they want to or not, they’re not going anywhere,” said Lizzy.

Bonded by blood, this quad is solid in sisterhood, and are certainly not afraid to be themselves.

“We’re loud. I mean, you know we’re coming,” said Mary.

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