$13M Weigh Station Under Construction in Douglas Co.

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When built in 1969, the Safety Weight Enforcement Facility on Hwy 2 and 53 was considered state of the art.

“It was never intended to operate this long in the 21st century,” Wisconsin State Patrol sergeant Tim Weiberg said.

Wisconsin State Patrol inspectors tell FOX 21 everything from the systems used to run checks on large trucks and commercial vehicles to the computers and scale are now all archaic and slow.

“Our maintenance staff have been spending a lot of time and effort and money on keeping the existing scale going,” WisDOT project manager Brendan Dirkes said.

Sometimes what’s supposed to be a quick stop for truckers can turn into a halt.

“You’re limited to how many hours you can work a day and you don’t want to waste them sitting for an example on a scale 15 minutes,” Halvor Lines truck driver Larry Kaeder said. “It’s 15 minutes of driving time you lose.”

With the building only being 300 square feet, “We can’t fully staff the facility like we’d like to because of the restrictions in size,” said Weiberg. “We have septic issues, can’t drink the water.”

To fix the need, $13.4 million in state funding was approved to build a brand new Safety Weight Enforcement Facility.

“We took down the trees and the brush to the north of the existing facility so we can begin construction,” said Dirkes.

When complete, the project will be about 10,000 square feet in size with indoor inspection bays.

“So by having a new facility with indoor inspection bays we’re going to be able to run our operations throughout the year regardless of what the conditions are outside,” said Weiberg.

Semis will have a 24 hour rest stop and new motion sensors will be installed on the highway, scanning the weight and credentials of the trucks while they remain on the road.

“It would be nice,” said Kaeder. “The new ones where you don’t have to roll over and stop and stuff they’re much quicker and don’t waste any time.”

The project will also include demolishing the current facility and using 13 acres of the area for wetland.

“It’s gonna give us the space we need, it’s going to allow us to increase our staff,” said Weiberg.

The weigh station will stay open while construction is being done.

The project is expected to be complete June of 2016.

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