4th Annual Grown By Our Own

Local Home-Growers, Consumers Discuss Healthy Eating

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Wednesday was the 4th Annual Grown By Our Own event, where local consumers and home–growers gathered to encourage eating locally.

Northland providers of jam, maple syrup, fresh farm eggs, flowers, and vegetables, were there to provide information on healthy eating and living.

Event organizers say eating food at the height of its freshness provides more vitamins and nutrients to the consumer.

“It’s a quality of life issue, and it makes healthy sense and it makes economic sense. If you eat healthy, if you participate in your community, and you support the people around you, your whole community thrives,” said Michelle Ronning, organizer of Grown By Our Own.

The owner of Locally Laid Eggs, a pasture-raised egg company based out of Wrenshall, spoke about sustainable food enterprises here in the Northland.

While small agriculture includes companies that sell all their products to farmers markets, and big agriculture includes those that sell their products nationally, she says middle agriculture is very impactful to rural communities that exist in the Northland, keeping revenue in the area.

“When you are buying locally, you’re really making sure that your neighbors have a job,” said owner of Locally Laid, Lucie Amundsen. “It’s more than just feeding them good food, it’s keeping that vitality in a community that’s so important.”

Experts also gave information to people who were interested on how to eat locally and grow their own products.

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