Summer Sweets: Tremblay’s in Hayward

Part One: A Summer Sweets Series

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Main street in Hayward, WI; has a bit of old fashion charm noticed in Tremblay’s Sweet Shoppe. With more than fifty years of traditional family recipes, Tremblay’s certainly draws in quite the fan base.

“This is the best place probably in the United States. Anyone who knows me around town for 20 years knows I don’t lie,” says Inez Keller, a loyal patron of the shop. 

Tremblay’s may have a national reach, but it still manages to keep the magic of a small town feel with friendly behind the counter personalities.

Keller says, “Sally Jo, there is no one like Sally Jo in Hayward. If ever there is an angel, it’s Sally Jo.”

Sally Jo has been here for more than a quarter century helping with the traditional candy making process that continues to bring back generations of customers.

Sally Jo says, “There are people that have come up here for years, they have cabins, have had cabins since they were little kids and they’ve come up and now they’re all adults, have their own families so they’re bringing them in because it’s what they used to do.”

And talk about dedication, Inez Keller drove from more than just a neighboring county away to bring back sweet, sweet fudge to her so called idols.

“I promised all of my doctors fudge, which we don’t have until fishing season, so you know I have to come back because I can’t disappoint my doctors.”

The all important taste test certainly didn’t disappoint with a variety of fudge flavors, turtles, toffees and original recipe caramels. 

With fishing season in full swing, you may get away with coming home to your significant other with an empty net, but certainly not empty handed. 

Thursday on FOX 21 News at 9 p.m., we head to a shop in Virginia with an owner who is quite a character. 

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