Duluth Seed Library Advances in Legislation

Governor to Sign Bill Next Week

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The Duluth Public Library is thrilled after a bill could put their seed library on the right side of the law. 

Last year, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture flagged the program for violations of the state seed laws. 

Now, the bill that would change all that is headed to Governor Mark Dayton.

Law changes would free the library from purchasing a license,documenting where each seed came from and determining what the germination rate was.

In the meantime, the program has had to do things differently.

“We’ve not been at this point accepting donated seeds that’s returned to us from the gardeners.  But, that’s a really key aspect so we’re excited that we will be able to start doing that soon,” said the libraries manager, Carla Powers. 

The library is important for the community to have with our growing conditions. 

“We have a cold growing season and so if you’ve saved your seed and planted them and then save those seeds again, we should be able to held build some locally adapted seed stock that will do well in our climate,” said Powers. 

The Governor is expected to approve the change next week.

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