Job Market Outlook for College Grads

What Experts Are Saying About Job Hunting in 2015

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“It’s always an interesting time of the year,” said Director of Career Services at The College of St. Scholastica, Mary Anderson.

Graduation can also be an uncertain time.

“You’re just kind of waiting for someone to pick your fate,” admitted Leah Rodgers, UMD Senior.

It’s a time with many unanswered questions about the future.

“Do I stay? Do I move? Do I pick up my whole life?” asked Rodgers.

But this year, the job market has improved from years past.

“I would say 3 to 5 years back was sort of the low point,” said Anderson.

According to The National Association of Colleges and Employers, companies are planning to hire nearly 10 percent more new graduates from the class of 2015 than they did last year.

In Minnesota, that number is nearly double the national percentage.

Local career experts say over the past 3 to 5 years there has been growth across many areas of the economy.

“Whether that’s health care, technology, humanities, all of them seem to be increasing,” Anderson said.

Right now, there is no one field that is easier – or harder – to land a job in.

“It’s much less about a specific major, and it’s much more about the full experience the college student comes out with,” Anderson explained.

But there’s one skill employers are looking for.

“Communication skills, always number one,” said Anderson.

“For the past 4 months, I couldn’t tell you how many jobs I’ve applied for, I can’t tell you where I’ve applied to,” laughed Rogers, who applied for more than 100 jobs.

“I was pretty set on staying in Duluth,” she said.

But she accepted a position in Minneapolis at the only one she heard back from.

“And then, getting the call that I got the job, I’m like alright, picking up and moving, what’s the next step,” Rodgers added.

For Joe Grupa, a part–time job turned into a full–time offer.

“It’s a lot about who you know, and working with those people to help you find a job,” Grupa explained.

Grupa plans to stay in Duluth to work for CIRRUS Aircraft.

“There’s of course great initiative to look at keeping talent in Duluth,” Anderson explained.

Both students showing that persistence and positivity pay off.

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