Sunday Growler Sales a Reality in Duluth

Councilors Make Move in Right Direction

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The Minnesota State Legislature recently approved a measure giving local governments the authority to permit Sunday sales of growlers. 

The Duluth City Council has approved local sales of these 64 oz. containers of beer on Sunday. 

It’s a move councilors are calling a step in the right direction. 

Taprooms and brewpubs in Duluth are now able to sell beer on Sunday’s in those containers we all know as growlers. 

There was no hiding the excitement the Northland has behind this ordinance passing. 

It was happy hour lunch hour at the Council Chambers with all the discussions in this special session revolving around liquor. 

It’s safe to say they saved the best for last. 

“Specifically to help speed up growler sales so that they can happen with Grandma’s marathon,” said City Council President, Emily Larson.

In a 7-0 vote, councilors wanted to get things rolling before Grandma’s weekend hit town. 

“All those tens of thousands of tourists can taste Duluth,” said Larson.

The vote allows people to visit Duluth on the weekend and bring a taste of the city home with them. 

“One of our philosophies is to never say no to our customers,” said Co Owner of Canal Park Brewery, Sara Cavagecz.

CPB doesn’t have to worry about disappointing it’s customers any more by not offering Sunday Growler sales.

“We’re surrounded by hotels and tourists all weekend, all day every day.”

Those who run local breweries are confident they will now be able to serve their customers much better. 

“I’ve got empty growlers at my front door so I’m ready to go and get them filled up,” said Larson.

Duluth is the 1st City in Minnesota to take a vote on Sunday Growler sales. 

Breweries will have to get a license with no extra fee to be a part of these sales. 

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