Wade Stadium is Vandalized

Vandals Strike at Wade Stadium

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After getting more than $2 million in upgrades Wade Stadium has been vandalized.

Thieves caused major damage to their new $60,000 scoreboard to retrieve a hot commodity that’s a billion dollar business on the black market.

Maintenance staff believes someone took a battery operated saw and made slices into an electrical box that carries power up to the scoreboard to strip it of its copper string which they can sell to scrap yards.

Wade Stadium management tells FOX 21 while trying to retrieve the copper the thieves cut through electrical wiring which sent a 240 volt jolt to the scoreboard zapping its insides.

The scoreboard is still working but the message center underneath it that displays memos like home run or double is not.

“For all the hard work that everybody put in this facility to have that happen is just an unfortunate incident,” Duluth Huskies director of operations and field manager said. “Hopefully the people that did it get in trouble for it or get taken care of so it doesn’t happen again.”

No copper ended up being stolen.

Damage estimates for repairs are at least $5,000.

The Duluth Police are still investigating.

At this time they do not have any suspects or evidence.

The huskies first game of the season is on the 27th, they are hoping to have the scoreboard fully up and running by then.

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