Summer Sweets: Fudge in Grand Marais

Part Three: A Summer Sweets Series

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Recently dubbed America’s coolest small town, Grand Marais offers numerous outdoor activities, but also some unique, sweet shops.

Beth’s Fudge and Gifts is a quaint shop, only steps from Grand Marais harbor.

“A really fun story is that my dad used to make fudge every Sunday so it’s kind of in the family and just has been very special in our family because it was the only meal he ever actually cooked,” said Beth.

This year’s thirtieth anniversary of the business is being celebrated with thirty different types of fudge.

“It’s because of the kids, the excitement they get out of it, the fact that they get something for free and they just love the flavor so much it just kind of blows their mind,” Danny said.

It certainly takes an artist’s touch to perfect these thirty delicious fudge flavors.

“It takes a long time to make it and you have to put special attention into it to get everything to turn out right. And it’s always a plus you get to taste it as you go along,” said Danny.

“it’s the waiting that makes it special because you’re all, everyone is anticipating it,” said Beth.

Now if 30 flavors aren’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, Grand Marais has another sweet gem in town, the Gunflint Merchantile, offering many unique flavors, some with a tropical twist.

“I just did a Pina Colada one, and a s’mores was a new recent one and I am in the works for a margarita fudge,” Chelsea Pusc said.

Chelsea Pusc has been trying her hand at making some off the wall flavors and a few of them have quite a kick, like cayenne pepper.

Chelsea hopes to double her varieties this summer and draws her inspiration from people like you and me.

“On Facebook I ask for recommendations and most recently, I asked my 3rd grade nephew for recommendations and they recommended root beer fudge, which I made which was very good,” Chelsea said.

All stirred by hand and homemade, Gunflint Merchantile not only offers fudge but also homemade turtles, truffles, retro candy and penny candy while still holding onto a small town feel.

“It’s old fashioned like when gram and gramp used to go to the candy store and get a little piece of candy for a penny but after inflation it’s now ten cents, I get a lot of kids in here with the ten cents they found on the street or dug out of the pool,” said Chelsea.

When you love what you do and have a passion for it, you’re sure to satisfy sweet seekers here on the North Shore in Grand Marais.

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