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The Northland fishing season is underway. That means folks are busy planning their summer getaways to area fishing lodges.

“There’s people coming and going every day, but come about June sixth or so when surrounding states are out of school, generally by June first, we’ll be booked for the season.”

And as school gets out, Steve Casselman of Lakewood Lodge will get ready by preparing fun activities for even the little ones to enjoy.

“There’s slides, there’s hydro-bikes, there’s water-bikes, canoes…”

Along with kayaks, playgrounds, volleyball, basketball, tetherball, and much more. But of course, if your main focus is fishing, this place does not disappoint

“In my opinion it’s one of the best all–around fishing lakes in the area, nice sized blue gill, nice sized croppy, big perch, a good abundance of walleye.”

And while there is a slot limit on northern pike where 22 to 36 inchers have to go back in the water, you can keep nine on their lake, a big difference from most lakes in the state where you can only keep three.

The Lakewood Lodge also has quite a history behind it. Pretty soon, it will be entering its 100th year of serving guests.

“The resort first came into existence in 1917 so we are approaching our 100 years.”

The resort started out as a bunkhouse with six rooms above the lodge. Then in 1921 the owners built the first three cabins. With continued expansion ever since, there is now room for more than 80 guests.

And while the Casselmans are not the original owners, they strive to satisfy everyone they serve by delivering a memorable experience.

“That’s one of the things that makes our job so great, they show up and they are not sure what they are going to get and they leave with a smile on their face while they rebook for the following year.”

It’s not only the Casslemans who develop bonds with the families who stay at the lodge; many of the younger visitors make new friends too.

 “And we generally have anywhere from 20 to 40 kids, any week here, and some of the friendships kids make while they are here and text each other all year long until they come back the same week together next year is pretty cool.”

And while the lodge offers a wide variety of activities, for everyone, the real goal is giving  people the opportunity to make a special time for themselves.

 “you got to make your fun when you get here and whether its fishing or the outdoors, throwing a football and a baseball…”

 “…but it’s really about family time for the most part”

With photojournalist Nathaniel LeCapitaine, Gino Recchia KQDS Fox 21 News

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