Duluth Elementary Schools Moving to Standard-Based Report Cards

Letter Grades are Ending

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Starting in September, Duluth Elementary Schools will stray from letter grades and move to a standard-based system report card. 

The cards will rely on numbers one to four representing the student’s level of learning from the beginning stages to mastering the content.

Educators say they are more interested in measuring students against criteria instead of each other. 

“We want to make sure that our students are graded against a grade level expectation and not against other students in the class.  Curves have been a thing of the past and we are trying to get away from that,” said content specialist for English Language Arts, Carla Harrold. 

The new report will be better aligned to current standards. 

“Standards based grading is the best practice for today’s school.  Districts aligned to our state standards have the most student achievement and that’s what we want for our students,” said Harrold.

Report cards will now be offered just twice, in January and June.

Many schools near the Twin Cities have this report card and have had nothing but positive response from it.

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