Proctor, Hermantown Present Trail Option For Communities

Cities Want Communities to Come Together

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A new trail in the Northland will give cyclists the option to travel from city to city. 

Proctor and Hermantown are working together to create a new paved, multi-use, off-street trail. 

It’s part of their efforts to have more active options available that will link the two communities. 

Although the trail plan is still in it’s preliminary stages, 2 of the key destinations include the Hermantown High School and Proctor Fair Grounds. 

Plans to connect to Munger Trail and other paved trails in Duluth are in the works. 

Organizers say there are some concerns. 

One includes location.  What is public land and what is private?

Some say they want to see the trail used for other purposes. 

“There’s a push to have horse trails also and the difference in the walking trail and a horse trail is 2 feet.  A horse trail has to be 8 feet wide,” said Proctor’s Mayor David Brenna. 

The planning study was completed through a DNR grant. 

But, now money is the main set back. 

Some funding is coming from a half percent sales tax increase the citizens of Proctor vote on. 

The cities still do not have a set budget. 

They are setting the table for possible construction on some trail segments for the summer of 2016.

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