Superior Seniors Transform Old Police Car

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The Spartan Hot Rod Team is a mentoring program teaching Superior high school students how to modify and restore cars.

This year seven seniors apart of the program were chosen to spend two days a week after school on a car once used to help fight crime.

“It’s almost like a Cadillac,” Superior High School Senior Austin Pearson said.

The 2009 Ford Crown Victoria was once a Superior police car.

“When these cop cars come back from the streets they are battered and tattered,” said Pearson.

Now the cruiser is all black, shiny and customized

“I truly like it, I think it looks astonishing,” said Pearson.

For their senior project students from Superior High School took on the challenge of taking the cruiser from retired to hot rod.

“Seems like a really fun project to do,” said Pearson. “I believe all of us are car nuts or car nerds so it just went right up our ally.”

They spent more than 120 hours restoring and installing about $4,000 dollars worth of upgrades.

“New grill, headlights, tail lights,” Spartan Hot Rod Team project build coordinator Dennis Zimmerman said.

A new exhaust gives it a throaty growl.

“It’s not just about a car, it’s about working with people and networking,” said Zimmerman. “We all feel better about ourselves when that happens.”

“Learned how to work with other people when they’re ideas don’t match up,” said Pearson.

The project has even help to land some of them a job.

“I work at Benna (Ford) now because of it,” said Pearson.

The Crown Victoria is not theirs to keep.

It was auctioned off at a car show outside of the Kitchen in Superior for $10,100 dollars.

“I’m kind of glad to see it go, that sense of accomplishment,” said Pearson.

“I’m not, it’s like sentimental to me in this group,” Superior High School senior Kennedy Carlson said.

Proceeds will go towards next year’s project which includes fixing up a golf cart and 1968 Ford Falcon Futura.

“I just hope that we can get more sponsors, let it be known,” said Carlson.

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