Knowing Your Neighbor: Java Moose Espresso

Small, family-owned coffee shop

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In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbor we make a stop in Grand Marais.

If you’re in need of a Cup of Joe we can offer up a suggestion for a small, family-owned business, Java Moose Espresso Cafe.

“My parents own it. They purchased it in 1999 and my sister and I both work for the company,” said Sarah Hallberg with Java Moose Espresso.

Nestled along Grand Marais’s quaint harbor it has quite a view.

In fact, it’s what brought Hallberg back to the area after leaving to pursue college.

“The lake (and) the location. I can’t be away from the water and the people. It’s really truly an amazing community,” said Hallberg.

Not only does Java Moose Espresso boast some delicious brews, they also take pride in their homemade whipped topping.

“We use Alakef coffee and we’ve been with them for 23–years out of Duluth. Our specialty is probably our mocha. It’s just a dark chocolate. We make our own whip cream with a little bit of vanilla in it,” described Hallberg.

If you’re looking for more than a refreshing beverage they also serve a nice selection of foods: wild rice soup, chili, sandwiches, scones, and baked goods.

Another important aspect to this small business is using local Northland products.

“We use locally sourced maple syrup which is pretty special to our location and just really great product,” said Hallberg.

For more information about Java Moose Espresso Cafe:

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