Locally Laid Egg Company to Start Berry Farms

Owners To Invite Community to Pick Berries at Wrenshall Farm

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Locally Laid Egg Company will soon offer more than just eggs.

They’ve planted 6,000 raspberries, blueberries, and honeyberries on its Wrenshall farm, that will be ready to pick in about a year.

Owners are excited to welcome the community out to their farm to pick their own berries.

“We’re hoping it will be a nice cash crop for us, but we also love the idea of inviting people out to the farm, that they can come do pick–your–own,” said Lucie Amundsen, Owner of Locally Laid.

She also says adding berries is a smart business move.

“We needed to have another source of income. Berries are great per acre dollar–wise, if you can get them established, so we’re really hopeful that this will work.”

Owners hope to make Wrenshall a “berry–belt” with pumpkin and strawberry farms nearby. 

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