Mosquito Season About 2 Weeks Out

Spring Warmth, Rain Boost Mosquito Population

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Although it may seem far away, summer is almost here. 

With the longer days and warm weather, comes another season: mosquito season. 

The severity of the season is tough to predict.

UMD’s Head of the Biology Department, Tim Craig, says an abrupt mosquito season opener is expected due to heavy rains and warm weather to come. 

These conditions give rise to the mosquito where they lay their eggs in creeks and puddles.

“A pan or something that’s collecting in your backyard.  Some mosquitoes could develop in those very small areas.  So, it’s generally standing water not running water,” said Craig. 

With the mixture of rain and temperature, the fuse has been lit on the mosquito time bomb, and Craig says there is a way to combat them. 

“They like to hang out during the day.  They don’t bite you much because they like to hang out in brushy woodsy areas.  So, if you can get those kinds of weeds and brush back a ways from your house you will have fewer mosquitoes,” he said.

The mosquito season is about one week to two weeks away.

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