Cirrus Aircraft Secures State Funding For Expansion

$4M in State Aid to Help Expansion Project

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Cirrus Aircraft can now successfully expand, thanks to the legislature approving $4 million in state aid. 

The $10 million expansion project includes a 60,000 square foot building that will be built near the existing operations. 

It will be used as a completion center for the new jets being built this fall.

The City of Duluth is looking forward to working on the project with Cirrus.

“We are the place for them to continue to grow and add new jobs.  We are excited about the opportunity that they are going to be looking at here with 150 new jobs starting as soon as a year from now,” said the City’s Director of Business and Economic Development, Chris Eng.

Eng said there is a lot of value in the project.

“It was really a way for us to be able to make a commitment to Cirrus and say the State of Minnesota and the City of Duluth is really behind you.  The region wants to see you continue to grow here and add new jobs to the City of Duluth,” said Eng.

The city is currently leasing the building to Cirrus.

Construction will begin this fall.

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