Making Lacrosse a School-Funded Sport in Duluth

Charger's Would Help Foot the Bill

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There will soon be a new sport offered at Duluth Public Schools.

Lacrosse is gaining traction in the Northland.

Tonight, the school board decided to approve the addition of a high school team.

The Chargers, a local lacrosse club, has said they’ll foot the bill to get a high school program up and running.

The club team has been around since the late 1990’s, drawing sports fans from Proctor, Superior and beyond to take part.

For those who play hockey it’s a way to keep their stick handling skills sharp during the off-season.

Charger’s President Pat O’Connell said they’ve played club lacrosse for ten years and are ready for the next step.

“We’ve really maxed out our potential. It (club lacrosse) it’s serving about 15 teams in the state and whereas high school league is servicing about 75 teams. It’s just that next step up in competition that we feel we’re ready for and that we’ll compete and have the number for to back it up,” said O’Connell.

While the high school program would start out being funded by the Charger’s and essentially a booster club, the goal is for it to transition into a sport totally funded by the district. 

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