St. Louis Co. Attempts Guinness World Record with Trees

St. Louis County Tries to Set World Record

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The longest kiss and largest bubblegum bubble blown are just a few acts that made the Guinness world records.

On more than 60 acres of land outside of Duluth, the goal was to set a Guinness World Record for planting the most trees in one hour at two separate locations.

“Everyone’s out there trying their best right now,” said Troy Lindgren with the St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department.

They had just 60 minutes.

“We have to at least hit 40,000 trees planted,” said project manager Mark Reed.

“We’re putting a jack pine species in here which will be a real good species for this site,” said Lindgren.

Each forester and professionals planter at the Spade Shot 2 in the Pequaywan Township planted 300 seeds every half an hour.

“The goal is to make a hole in the ground, put the tree in the ground and then plant the tree carefully around it,” said Lindgren. “Make sure the tree is as straight as possible.”

The site is just one of more than 40 locations in North America fighting for the title.

“By doing this world record attempt that puts the spotlight on these well managed lands,” said Reed.

The project is twofold.

“The goal is to reestablish a healthy forest,” said Lindgren.

The site was logged for timber sales and planting of the jack pines will help with reforestation efforts.

“The planting process really gives nature a boost,” said Lindgren. “We suppress fire a lot of times.”

“Which will not only benefit the animals that are out here but the citizens of St. Louis County,” said Reed.

Crews will also plant red pines.

Whether a record is set will be announced in the coming days.

The St. Louis County Land and Minerals department plants about 1 million tree seedlings every year.

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