Wisconsin Governor Signs 70 mph Speed Limit Bill

Speed Limit Increase Becomes Law in WI

Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that allows state transportation officials to raise the speed limit to 70 mph on some Wisconsin roads.

Walker signed the measure Wednesday.

It passed the Senate and Assembly on voice votes earlier this year.

Under the law, the Department of Transportation can raise the speed limit to 70 mph only on four-lane roads that have entrance and exit ramps.

They can’t raise the limit on roads with at-grade access.

DOT officials say they plan to raise the limit on freeway portions of the interstate system as well as portions of U.S. Highway 51, U.S. Highway 53 and U.S. Highway 41.

The measure’s chief sponsor, Rep. Paul Tittl, has said the agency expects to have new signage posted this summer.

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