Black Beach Open to Public

Beach in Silver Bay Open to Public

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More people will now be able to enjoy some of the beautiful beaches along the North Shore in Silver Bay.

The land is owned by a mining company but was recently leased to the city allowing for more public access and development. 

Being the center hub for several state trail systems, city leaders in Silver Bay are excited to have beach access not only for their residents but for their many tourists. 

Now, a new project is underway to help increase traffic near those beaches.

“We’re putting in place what people have been working on since the mid 80s,” said Silver Bay’s city administrator, Lana Fralich. 

For years, a mining company has owned the land where 3 main beaches are located along the North Shore. 

Now, mining management has decided to take the “No Trespassing” signs away. 

“It was something they wanted to give back,” said Fralich. 

Since the lake is beautiful just the way it is, no real expensive development is planned for the beaches. 

“We really want to just keep it at it’s natural state,” said Fralich. 

Just a few amenities will be added for convenience.

“Picnic tables, garbage receptacles, lavatory volts, etc.”

In addition to gaining access to the beaches, the city is planning to spice up the area by adding a campground nearby. 

Mayor Scott Johnson is excited about the upcoming developments and says it will be the only camping in this immediate area.

City officials hope the increased beach access will bring more businesses to the area and make it a tourist spot. 

The first planning meeting to talk about the campground was this week.

The city hopes to have visual layouts and cost estimates within the next couple of weeks.

But, it will likely take 2-3 years to complete

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