House Majority Leader in Duluth to Discuss Bipartisan Budget

Expresses Frustrations with Governor Dayton's Veto of Education Budget

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Minnesota lawmakers are getting ready for a special session after Governor Mark Dayton vetoed the education budget.

House Majority Leader Joyce Peppin came to Duluth to express frustrations with what she calls Dayton’s lack of compromise.

The proposed budget provided $1.3 billion more than the current budget.

“We feel that we came 75% of the way, and we just wanted a little bit more movement from the Governor, especially on that universal pre–k, which had a lot of concerns from legislators on both sides of the aisle, as well as from the schools themselves,” Peppin explained.

“I feel like we went above and beyond – well past halfway – to get there. We understand we’re one leg of the 3–legged stool, we certainly have been willing from the start, but we just didn’t see a lot of movement, particularly from the Governor,” added Peppin.

She hopes an agreement can be reached before June 1st, so schools can start planning for the fall.

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