Hermantown Students Drift to Physics Race on Pike Lake

Students Test Calculations with Cardboard Boat Races

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Friday afternoon, Hermantown students flocked to Pike Lake for their boat races.

Students built the boats out of nothing more than cardboard, duct tape and paint.

They spent three weeks working on it for a physics project. 

The goal is to create a vessel that can keep the crew dry. 

Each team consisted of 2-3 students and keeping the cardboard from getting soggy was part of the challenge.

Student’s learned a lot about their boats durability. 

“How far you would sink and density of water and the calculations that go with that.  So, we all have water lines on our boats,” said junior at Hermantown High School, Samuel Peterson. 

“Air flow and density. The area of stuff and water calculations mostly,” said junior at Hermantown High School, Holly Miller.

Team “Clash and Splash” drifted away with the gold medal

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