Soggy Holiday Changes Plans

Less Than Ideal Weather for Memorial Day Plans Outdoors

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According to AAA more than 37-million people were expected to hit the roads this weekend.

For some people the weather was gorgeous, while other’s experienced less than ideal temperatures and precipitation.

If your holiday plans were rained out you certainly weren’t alone.

The Lakewalk in Duluth was fairly desolate Monday afternoon except for a few brave souls refusing to let Mother Nature win.

Across the bridge in Superior they made their own sunshine.

The Superior Singers filled the Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Museum with sweet melodies.

“Every Memorial Day sees an uptick in our attendance. I think people are just a little bit more conscious of why we have Memorial Day and they come out and visit for that reason,” said Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center Executive Director Robert Fuhrman.

It was a full crowd as people gathered in remembrance of the special holiday.

For those with children the Great Lakes Aquarium was a hot spot.

However, many tourists did admit it wasn’t their first choice of destination this weekend as they had planned to spend the holiday outdoors.

“We went up the north shore; I had never camped up there before. I have family that lives up, so we decided to do some camping. It’s supposed to be nice, mild weather,” said tourist Sarah Kilpela.

The weather was far from nice and mild though, unless you enjoy rain and cloud.

Sarah and her fiancée decided to bring their toddler to the aquarium to burn off some energy.

Originally they had planned on hiking at Tettegouche State Park, where they were camped.

In some ways the overcast skies were symbolic of the hardships servicemen and women faced on a day to day basis.

“They (Memorial Day event organizers) decided they would go rain or shine, because the fellows that we’re here to honor, there were here every day. He said we could afford to get a little wet for that – and I thought it was a great sentiment,” said Fuhrman.


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