Brule River a Destination for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Memorial Day Weekend Draws Hundreds to Brule

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”You can’t really get better than this, it’s a great place to camp, it’s a great place to kayak, I can’t be mad,” said kayak enthusiast, Vincey Mahnoy.

Outdoor enthusiasts flocked to Brule this Memorial Day weekend to enjoy the great outdoors.

”With the beautiful weather we’ve had to far, we’ve been inundated with a lot of the vacationers and the locals that want to get on the river and enjoy the local habitat,” said Aaron Carlson of Brule River Canoe Rental.

Brule River Canoe Rental offers a number of ways to enjoy the habitat.

“We actually rent canoes, we rent kayaks. The new recreational kayaks that anybody can go in and we do white water kayaking on the lower river,” said Carlson.

For some, the Brule River has become more than just an outdoor paradise.

”On Memorial Day weekend, it’s a tradition for me and some of my high school buddies to get together and enjoy the wonderful outdoors,” said camper, Pete Ludowise.

Pete’s group has its own Brule River traditions.

“We like to get together and do some canoeing and fishing on the river here and some kayaking of course, just some good old bonding time with me and my old friends,” Ludowise said.

For other groups, it may be a new destination spot.

“Ya know, this is our first time down the Brule and it’s absolutely beautiful, it really is. We saw some ducks, we saw some eagles, everything it was beautiful,” Mahnoy said.

Great scenery, vivid wildlife and plenty of fun is in store for any enthusiast willing to take the dive into Brule Rivers’ beautiful outdoor habitat.

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