Crowds Enjoy Warmest Day of the Year

Duluth Sees Highest Temps Since September

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It’s been quite some time since the Twin Ports has seen an 80 degree day.

“I think everyone was tired of the cold weather,” said Cody Fultz, Manager at Crabby Ol’ Bills.

“Amazing, I don’t know, it’s like being cooped up inside for seven months, this is ridiculous,” exclaimed Miles Smith who was visiting Duluth for the day.

Two-hundred forty-one days to be exact.

“It feels wonderful, I think summer’s here,” said Mary Gohlike, who spent Wednesday out on the water.

And with the temperature up, spirits are high.

“Everyone’s happier, people are happier, which is nice, you don’t get that in the winter time,” Fultz added.

Wednesday, Canal Park was flooded with crowds enjoying the sunshine.

The first 80 degree day in eight months calls for a nice walk on the lake.

“It’s nice to come out and enjoy the weather outside now and get sun finally cause I’m really, really white,” laughed Smith.

Or, out on the lake, hoping the fish would bite.

“We got some cohos, and kings, and one lake trout,” Jean Gohlike bragged. “We keep shedding clothes because it’s so nice out.”

And for those feeling brave – in the lake.

“It’s freezing cold,” said Zach Skelton, a senior at Mesabi East High School. “It just kind of takes your breath away,” he described.

While you’re out and about, make sure to grab some delicious mini donuts from Crabby Ol’ Bills.

“It’s the comfort food, it makes people happy,” Fultz said.

If you’re feeling hot, cool down with a shake from the Portland Malt Shoppe.

Locals are optimistic the heat will stick around.

“Hopefully the weather stays nice like this for the foreseeable future,” Fultz said.

And thrilled to get the first real taste of summer.

“I like summer a lot more than winter, so I’m excited that it’s summer finally,” said Tenzy Heydt. 

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