Doctors: Dating Apps Lead to Rise in STDs

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You might want to think twice before using apps like Tinder or Ok Cupid because some cities and doctors are blaming dating apps for a spike in sexually transmitted diseases.

“Previously, when people had one-night stands, these were often people they met in bars. Now, with social media, people have access to a larger pool of applicants, so they may have more one-night stands and thus expose themselves to more STDs,” said Dr. Jennifer Wu, OBGYN at Lenox-Hill Hospital.

New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island saw increases in STDs in 2014.

Doctors say it might be because condom use is more casual these days.

They believe better access to healthcare is leading people to discover they carry the diseases.
A greater percentage of deaths worldwide are now caused by cancer.

The study done by the Global Burden of Disease cancer collaboration group finds the proportion of deaths caused by cancer rose from 12 to 15 percent between 1990 and 2013.

Between birth and age 79, one in three men and one in five women developed cancer.

The leading cause of cancer death in 2013 was throat and lung cancers.

Breast cancer was the leading cause of lost years of healthy life among women and lung cancer among men.

They based their findings on data on 28 types of cancer in 188 countries.
Getting inked may come with some longer-term medical risks.

In what they believe to be the first survey of its kind, New York University Langone Medical Center researchers surveyed 300 adults, and found as many as six percent of adult New Yorkers who get a tattoo experience some form of tattoo-related rash that lasted as little as four months and as long as several years after they were inked.

Study authors say they were alarmed at the high rate of reported chronic complications tied to getting a tattoo, and given the popularity of tattoos, they advise physicians, public health officials and consumers be made aware of the risks involved.

Further work is needed on a larger scale to determine why this may occur.

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