Endless Photography in the Northland

Wildlife and Nature Photography in the Northland

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If you take a moment and take a look around you, you might find what one photographer sees every single day.

“There’s all kinds of hidden beautiful places in Duluth,” Northern Images Photographer Dennis O’Hara said.

Walk to the water and take it all in.

“People keep asking me why I keep going back to the same spots time and again,” O’Hara said.

Because there’s no two days alike in a photographers mind.

O’Hara said each day is a different blend of elements that creates a different picture

The beauty of Duluth has always been here, but social media has brought Duluth into the public eye.

“People look at it and say ‘is that really in the midwest’?,” O’Hara said.

He started his photography career in the 1970’s taking photos for the National Guard.

“When I was replaced by a computer chip in the late 80’s then I picked up a regular film camera and started taking pictures of scenery in and around Duluth,” O’Hara explained.

To him, one place will never get old.

“Canal Park is always a place that draws you back,” O’Hara said.

He envisions the world around us as a place to make his art come to life.

He said God takes each day and makes a different canvas. And that’s what he tries to capture.

Whether rain, snow, sun or clouds it’s always a day for photography.

‘The mix of seasons, wildlife just combines to make it a perfect place to keep a photographer happy for a long time,” O’Hara explained.

But it’s more than taking a simple photograph. It’s an appreciation for nature.

“Duluth, the parks, the foresight that our fore fathers had to create all this green space and the duty we have to protect it,” O’Hara said.

He preserves that natural beauty one photograph at a time.

“It’s just kind of a relaxing closeness to God and knowing that he put all this together. And I get a chance to look at it,” O”Hara said.

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