Six Best Ways to Quit Smoking

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Let’s face it – quitting smoking is hard.

In fact 90 percent of those who try to quit tart up again within three months.

However, studies have found six methods that can increase your chances of success.

Financial Incentives

A new study shows if your money is at risk, you’ll put down the cigarette.

A program through CVS will have people deposit $50, and that money grows the longer they don’t smoke.

If they do light up, they lose their money.

Cold Turkey

Four to seven percent of smokers have kicked the habit without any additional help.

However, you have to be mentally and physically ready for the withdrawal symptoms.

Find Company

Around half of those who tried to quit with a partner, succeeded.

It seems positive peer pressure works.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

That’s the patch, gums, and other products aimed at weaning you off the nicotine.

That helps you overcome the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Prescription Drugs

Some studies show they can double your chances of quitting compared to not taking the drugs at all.


The jury may still be out on this method, but at least one study has shown they’re slightly more effective than the nicotine patch.

Remember, quitting smoking is one of the hardest bad habits to break, but the benefits make the hard work worth it.

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