Local Restaurant Gearing Up For World Cup

Dubh Linn Brew Pub Hoping for Major Turnout

Fans of the U.S. women’s soccer team will have a venue to watch their favorite team this summer.

Last year, the FIFA World Cup made international news for an unexpected reason: the incredible turn out of American supporters at bars and restaurants all over the country.

Dubh Linn Irish Brew Pub in Duluth is expecting a similar turn out this month as the U.S. women’s soccer team takes to the pitch in Canada.

The women’s side is seeking its first World Cup title since Brandi Chastain’s heroic penalty kick downed the Chinese women’s team in 1999.

Dubh Linn is hoping the recent surge in enthusiasm generated by last year’s men’s team combined with the women’s long term success will bring soccer fans in droves.

“For the men’s World Cup last year we had hundreds of people in for the games,” said Mike Maxim, owner of Dubh Linn Irish Brew Pub. “We expect a really good turnout for this one so it should be a pretty good time.”

Since the women’s World Cup started in 1991, the U.S. women’s team has won the event twice and never finished outside the top three.

Dubh Linn is expecting so much support for the Women’s National Team they’re even bringing in extra televisions.

“We bring in a couple extra screens for the games so we’ve got five [televisions] and three big screens that we use for the viewing,” said Maxim.

Soccer fans can expect more than just a television viewing of the games.

Dubh Linn plans on creating a total viewing experience for soccer fans.

“People can kind of fill out a bracket like NCAA basketball style,” Maxim said. “People bring in their jerseys we do a discount for them. Kind of support the World Cup and support the U.S.”

The 2015 Women’s World Cup kicks off Saturday June 9 at 6 p.m.

The U.S. will start their quest for the cup June 11 when they take on Australia in group play.

That game starts at 6:30 p.m. on Fox Sports 1. 


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