Lyme Disease: Signs and Treatment

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It’s that time of the year again to check yourself for ticks if you’ve been outdoors in hopes of preventing Lyme disease.

The disease comes from a deer tick bite and is usually treatable with antibiotics if detected early.

Deer ticks are much smaller and have different coloring on their backs versus the more commonly known wood tick.

The first sign of Lyme disease usually shows up within a week as a rash at the bite site.

For best treatment, go to the doctor immediately because Lyme disease can have adverse health effects.

“You can develop arthritis, you can develop irritation of nerve structures – very typical is the facial nerve paralysis called bells palsy,” said Dr. Johan Bakken, St. Luke’s Infectious Disease specialist.

The best advice if you’re going to be outside is to wear insect repellent containing deet.
Wearing contact lenses may change the type of bacteria living in your eyes.

In a small new study, researchers found people who wore contacts had triple the proportion of a certain bacteria species on their eye compared to people who didn’t wear contacts.

Researchers believe their findings may shed some light on why people who wear contacts are more prone to eye infections.
A 92-year-old cancer survivor ran into the record books becoming the oldest woman to finish a marathon.

Harriette Thompson crossed the finish line in San Diego in seven hours and 24 minutes.

She started running marathons in her 70s to help raise money to fight leukemia and lymphoma.

She believes the competition has helped keep her healthy.

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