Experts: Piping Plovers Scared Off Park Point

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Wildlife experts were worried Tuesday that the two critically endangered piping plovers spotted on Park Point over the past few weeks had been scared away.

Weekend party-goers could partly be to blame, according to the St. Louis River Alliance, who they say ignored posted signs about possible nesting taking place at the end of the Point.

A tent, smoldering fire and empty beer bottles were found Sunday morning inside the posted area, according to an official with the St. Louis River Alliance.

But officials said they were still hopeful for a return of the birds before June. 15, which they say would be the very end point to start a nest.

The area to avoid, especially with dogs, starts at the last boardwalk entry past the Beach House and then toward Wisconsin Point.

Piping plovers have not nested on Park Point since the 1980s, according to the St. Louis River Alliance.

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