Payment System Changes in Canal Park to Help People Avoid Tickets

Flat Rate Increase to $3 for Up to 3 Hours

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Duluth issues nearly 50,000 parking tickets a year and Canal Park can be a ticket trap for some people in the summer. 

So, the city is working to help people avoid getting ticketed by making a few changes. 

It may be a surprise to drivers when they reach the pay station and see their option is to pay a flat rate of $3 for up to 3 hours. 

This change can be expected for drivers who leave their cars in the Northwest Iron or Lighthouse Lots. 

Parking Operations Specialist, Mark Bauer, said the city decided to make the changes to make payment easier and help people avoid $15 tickets. 

This will also benefit the businesses in Canal Park. 

“We’re trying to find the balance between turnover of spaces in order to make sure that the businesses are economically healthy and people are coming and going and that they have the access they would like to see,” said Bauer.

The new fee is not meant to generate more revenue for the city. 

In fact, Bauer predicts revenue may go down slightly. 

“When you balance the number of tickets that are being issued versus the fees collected, I think that fewer tickets will more than offset the actual increase if there is any in revenue,” said Bauer. 

Last year, parking in these lots cost $2 for up to 2 hours and $1 for each additional hour. 

The rates have not changed at 4 of the parking lots at Canal Park Drive or South Lake Avenue. 

Parking is still available in those areas starting at 25 to 50 cents. 

In addition, 4 electronic stations were replaced along Canal Park Drive, LED lighting was added to better see the keypads at all 7 Canal Park off street pay stations and a new color scheme was installed to reflect the lake feel of Duluth. 

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