Pilot, Passenger Walk Away From Crash At Bong Airport

Pilot Reported Mechanical Difficulties

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There were frightening moments Wednesday at Superior’s Bong Airport after a single-engine plane crashed while trying to land.

In the end, nobody was injured and the FAA is investigating what all went wrong. 

The pilot, Calving Kramp, is the president of Superior Flying Services. 

His passenger, Reuben Downey, is a certified flight instructor for that same company.

“We were sitting having lunch at the Upper Deck,” said Witness, Corey Wynn. 

For Wynn, it was just a Wednesday afternoon out to eat with some friends at the Bong Airport. 

“It was going from side to side. The wings were fluttering.  Then it made a real big dig to the left,” said Wynn. 

But, before he knew it his lunch turned into a scene emergency responders were running to.

The call for help came in at 2:15 p.m.

Authorities say the pilot reported having mechanical difficulties before the crash. 

The two men walked away from the crash without a scratch. 

“Sometimes they aren’t that lucky,” said Batt. Chief, Steve Edwards.

This was a surprising call to the Superior Fire Department.

“Many aircraft go in and out of the airport everyday.  It’s not uncommon to see planes fly over us here at the fire station,” said Edwards. 

The plane will stay on scene until the FAA completes its investigation. 

The pilot and instructor said the accident won’t stop them from getting back in the air and doing what they love.

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