Construction at Duluth Armory is Underway

Armory Starts Exterior Construction Work

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After more than a decade in the making, construction is finally underway at the Duluth Armory. 

Extensive work is only being done to the exterior to repair or replace the current bricks. 

Developers say the next step is talking about what should be done in the inside. 

“It’s going to take some time. Once we find our development partner, it’ll take time for the engineering and putting the finances into place and then the actual construction,” said Development Consultant, Mark Poirier.

Poirier is excited to get the project going. 

“We are getting some traction. The economy is in a good position right now. We’re excited about the housing market and community.  We think the timing is really good.  It’s a great building and has a great story.”

Exterior Construction will wrap up within a month.

Poirier is hopeful the building will be fully developed in two years.

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