DTA Hires Officer to Increase Transit Security

Teaming Up to Further Increase Safety on City Buses

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The DTA and the Duluth Police Department have teamed up to make our city buses safer.

For the first time in Duluth, a police officer has been hired to work strictly on incidents involving the DTA.

The officer will monitor bus stops and ride along bus routes, ensuring the safety of both passengers and drivers.

“There was a need to ensure that not only the transit authority is continuing to be as safe as it has been, but just to make sure that we can interact as a department with them,” explained Officer Ethan Roe.

Roe says safety is not a concern on buses right now, but his new duties will further increase transit security.

“Little things like quality of life type things that people might find offensive, such as profanity, or alcohol on the bus, that type of thing,”

Officer Roe has been with the Duluth Police Department for six–and–a–half years.

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