Duluth P.D. Bike Patrol an Example of Community Oriented Policing

Police Get Out of Cars to Make Citizen Approach Easier

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The Duluth Police Department will be engaging residents and tourists this summer through the use of bicycle patrols.

Bicycle patrols fall under the category of community oriented policing, a strategy utilized by many agencies to develop relationships with local residents in an effort to prevent crime. 

“We’re far more effective when the community knows us and trusts us and is willing to work with us,” Duluth officer Rob Hurst said Monday.

Hurst believes the bike patrols make officers more accessible.

He said being on the bicycles instead of in a squad car allows citizens to hear officers and officers to hear them. 

Hurst also believes just seeing a bicycle officer can help deter potential criminals. 

“We’re out there trying to prevent crimes from happening,” Hurst said.

“People that are maybe thinking of committing those crimes don’t feel comfortable doing it because 30 seconds ago they saw a bike cop, so they know there’s a cop in the area.”

At any given point there can be between two and eight Duluth Police officers on bike patrol.

Officer Hurst added that the Duluth P.D. is using social media platforms to engage the public. 

You can follow him on twitter, @DuluthPD_S86

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