New Historical Museum Hopes to Bring an Edge

Northland Uncovered: Proctor Area Historical Museum

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The Proctor Area Historical Society has been around for decades, but their brand new museum just opened up.

Mention Proctor and most likely you’ll likely you’ll think trains.

Railroads have been a defining piece of landscape throughout the city’s history.

After four long years, the Proctor Area Historical Museum is open and ready to present that locomotive history.

“It’s kind of hard to believe we’re really here,” said Jan Resberg, President of the Proctor Area Historical Society.

The historical society actually bought the building for one dollar.

“The problem was then you had to move the building and you had to set it in place and that became the more expensive route,” explained Resberg.

The city stepped in and residents made contributions to help with the renovation.

“This wall was stud, no stairway going downstairs; a lot of this plasterwork had to be redone,” said Resberg.

The road has been long, but it’s been the loyal volunteers who’ve kept chugging along.

“We’ve been working and working and working and working and it just seems like we find one more thing that needs to get done,” said Resberg.

A designer will be coming in to give the museum an edge.

“The quality of the work that we are really going to be doing is going to be really professional looking,” said Resberg.

Even though Proctor is a small town, it has an interesting history.

“We are our history you know whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not sometimes,” said Resberg.

There will be rotating exhibits because they don’t want that history to get old.

“If we sent out the same newsletter time after time would you read it?” said Resberg.

Even though the museum is finally open, a number of projects remain in the works with the goal of appealing to kids.

“There’s a simulator that kids can actually try to get an idea of what it is to run a locomotive,” said Resberg.

Someday soon a model railroad will be complete.

“We have a good train master I call him who’s really excellent at doing model railroad,” said Resberg.

The lower level is dedicated to the railroad, but Resberg is sure to state this is a community museum.

“It has to become the community’s museum. It doesn’t belong to just one little group of people. It has to become owned by the community of Proctor,” said Resberg.

It’s a museum with high importance to help share Proctor’s past.

“It keeps the history alive. It’s a way in which people can remember what often times gets forgotten,” said Resberg.

A record of memories along the tracks of life.

The grand opening is August 14th.

This summer the museum is open every Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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