Valentini’s Expands Business to Holiday Center

Restaurant Expands with New Location in Duluth

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Valentini’s will soon be expanding it’s business to the Holiday Center. 

The spot will be transformed into an Italian Bistro.

Owner, Carol Valentini says she wants it to be a “grab and go” concept for people on their lunch break. 

The space is turning around but there are still a few more minor details to finish before opening.

They just have to finish getting all their licenses and stock the fridge with food.  

“We have to get the health department to go in. We have to get our licenses all set up and order our food. We are getting close!”

“I think it’s going to be a great asset to downtown. The more restaurants we can provide downtown, the better it is for our entire community. So, we are really excited about this,” said Valentini. 

The restaurant is expected to be open for business after Grandma’s weekend.

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