Virginia Man Arrested in Cold Case Murder is Arraigned

Murder Suspect Makes 1st Appearance in Court

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“We’re just now in the wait mode now to see what the justice system does,” Leona Maslowki’s son Jim Maslowski said.

Inside the Virginia Courthouse the mood was somber and reserved as 44-year-old Bruce Cameron made his first court appearance on second degree murder charges.

He’s accused of killing 83-year-old Leona Maslowki back in 1987.

“We just never thought it would come to closure,” said Jim. “We’re just very, very pleased and happy that it is.”

Not too far from the courthouse at 328 7th Street South is where police found Leona’s body nearly 30 years ago.

She had been beaten, strangled and stabbed to death in her home.

“It’s just very hard to accept and to understand,” said Jim. “A very caring individual and a great mother.”

Leads and clues had not been able to point authorities to the killer until new forensic evidence placed Cameron at the scene.

According to the criminal complaint, two fingerprints were found on a bedroom door located next to where Leona’s body was found.

The fingerprints belong to Cameron who police say later confessed to committing the crime.

“He kind of had the same demeanor every time we talked to him and it never changed,” Virginia Police Department Chief Dennis Benz. “So it wasn’t like he broke out and cried or anything. I guess the thing is never give up.”

Cameron was just 16-years-old at the time the murder happened.

He admits to being at a party in the upstairs unit of Leona’s duplex and entering her home from a back stairwell looking for booze.

He told investigators when she confronted him he remembered punching and hitting her in the head with an object, but does not know if a knife was involved.

“I think there is a lot of conflicting evidence that’s not being looked at,” Cameron’s sister Susan Cameron said.

Cameron is now behind bars with bail set at $1 million.

“I feel sorry for the other family but they are putting an innocent person in jail,” said Susan.

His family tells Fox 21 the 44-year-old would not hurt a fly.

He has never talked about the incident and they believe his rights have been violated.

“I just feel like they’re picking on the Natives,” said Susan. “I will get an attorney, I will fight for my brother.

Cameron’s next court appearance is set for mid-June.

A study was also requested to look into his $1 million bail.

Right now he is without a lawyer but is eligible for a public defender.

Authorities say Cameron has a minor criminal history.

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