Clean & Safe Team Beautifies Downtown Waterfront

Hanging Flower Baskets Tradition Continues

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If you head down to the waterfront, you may notice a new splash of color!

The Clean & Safe Team was busy hanging up flower baskets Wednesday.

This is a task they take on every year when summer rolls around to give Duluth a little extra sparkle.

There are even a couple multi-colored baskets.

A member of the team tells us tourists love them.

“They always congratulate us, they always thank us for having them, they’ve asked for tips on how to grow theirs like them,” said Brian Pehl, a Clean & Safe Team Ambassador.

The baskets will be there for your enjoyment the rest of the summer.  

“It makes your day. Somebody comes up to you and thanks you for doing whatever it is, it just makes you feel good,” said Pehl. 

The flowers are paid for by the property owners in the district. 

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