Keeping Your Muscles Strong as You Age

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If you want a strong toned body as you age, don’t skip the strength training.

You can maintain your muscle mass at the same mass you had at age 20 all the way to at least age 85, and you don’t have to spend hours at the gym.

One weight lifting session a week will do.

We all need to do it about 30 minutes a week to maintain our muscle mass, and you can strength train with machines, free weights, or by using your body as your gym as with push-ups or pull-ups.

As you might guess, eating a healthy diet is also good for our muscles.

If you have some of what we call ‘healthy protein’ right after each of the resistance training sessions that you do, it seems to provide those muscles with extra strength or extra building power.

It’s also important to cut down stress.

Stress decreases the ability to build protein and it decreases your muscle mass.

When we have more muscle we burn more calories.

It’s just another reason to pump a little iron well into your golden years.

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