Minnesota man’s mistake leads to winning poker’s top prize

(AP) – It’s one thing to outlast hundreds or thousands of poker players to win one of the World Series of Poker’s 68 events and the Las Vegas tournament’s coveted gold bracelet.

It’s another thing entirely to win a game you’ve never played before.

Christian Pham of St. Paul, Minnesota, did exactly that Thursday, rising to the top of 219 players, including a few poker icons. On accident.

The professional poker player says he intended to play no-limit Texas Hold ’em but instead inadvertently signed up for a different game happening the same day: so-called no-limit deuce-to-seven draw lowball.

He says he didn’t realize his mistake until he was dealt five cards instead of the usual two.

He panicked, then observed, leaning on helpful players who advised him what beat what.

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